7eme rue place commerciale 83 avenue Tropique
Limete RDC
Phone: 243-817998247
Email: info@baliscenter.com  


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  • Our hotel is conveniently located at 7e Rue Place Commerciale in the community of Limete. Close enough to enjoy area restaurants,Kin la belle shopping and entertainment with easy access to Boulevard Lumumba.

  • We are 10 minutes to Downtown Kinshasa (Gombe).

  • Whether you are in Kinshasa on business, a honeymoon, for a vacation alone or as a couple, with or without your children, whether you are here for a conference or you need a relaxing or retreat, contact Balis Center Luxury flat Hotel.

  • Without having to spend all of your money on expensive lodging, please book your room today at Balis Center.com and click on Reservation You will get a nice Balis Center apartment or Studio for a daily price starting from  $30, $40 or $80 USD.

  • At Balis Center Luxury Flat hotel you'll find a dedicated staff and comfortable, affordable lodging. Enjoy consistently clean and comfortable guest rooms and suites with many of the frills you would expect at higher priced hotels, all at some of the most affordable and competitive rates anywhere.

    Because we value your input and want to keep you coming back, we continually upgrade and refurbish our properties with modern amenities and useful services that you desire.

  • For comfortable, attractive rooms at exceptional prices, count on Balis Center Luxury Flat Hotel, serving guests in the best location in Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo.