7eme rue place commerciale 83 avenue Tropique
Limete RDC
Phone: 243-817998247
Email: info@baliscenter.com  


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salle fe fete


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As part of the extension and for complete satisfaction of our Customer, BALIS CENTER LUXURY FLAT HOTEL-CONFERENCE and its TERRACE located at 83 Tropiques Avenue in residential division of Limete in Kinshasa about 50 m from the Bondeko clinic, has opened a luxury RETAURANT with a beautiful and elegant look to share a high level of excellence and service with Congolese and European dishes and specialties with a amazingly equipped buffet service setting for birthdays, weddings, parties, cocktails, dinners, etc

Open from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m
Chefs and caterers that have set the standard for excellence and hospitality.
Trust our expertise and you will be served effectively.

For all reservations:
Contact us at : 898949649 or 823412162.
Or write to us :
Email: info@baliscenter.com